Monday, November 9, 2009

i really want to.

i really want to talk to some one right now. really really do. don't know why, but i want to. for the past few days i've been thinking a lot. and i just feel like talking. but i can't because of some constraints, i can't. and now i'm becoming impatient. i can't name the person. the person may not even know the subject of this note. and that's the way i want it. why? i don't know. but maybe cause being inconspicuous is always better when it comes to matters of the heart. and i have learned this via experience, a lot of experience. (at this point the reader is expected to laugh at my condition. cause at this point the author is also laughing.)

what do you when you are in such a situation? keep shut. shut your mouth, tie your fingers. lock yourself in a bathroom. but since being locked in the bathroom of an engineering college counts as a near death experience, i'm saving it for later. as for the options, they are ruled out cause i'm bored and need to do something. so i'm typing this note. also, i like to entertain people, so i am. like this.

where was i? oh yes. i want to talk to someone. someone in particular. still no way out of this situation. should i message that person? guess i should. there's no harm in that. i don't think there is. but i don't want to appear desperate. because i know that even though the person i want to talk to cares about me, i don't want to appear desperate to talk.

i've done enough of that to know better. and please note, the gender of the person in question hasn't been specified (and my sexual orientation is not under question in any way, so count that out.)

whatever i just said can apply to both sexes. and the fact that i've appeared over eager is also applicable to both sexes. the only thing that can be said for sure is that this is not a family member, cause the desperation is no longer a factor in that case.

now i don't know how ti conclude this note. its always the most difficult part. to end a good article well. this is based on the assumption that this is a good article. that's what we call a fair assumption. so i stop. like so.

or not. i don't think i should try to hard to end it well cause otherwise it would appear that i'm too desperate to end it well. which i am not. so what do i do? do i just stop and be cool. i guess so.

P.S. i did message the subject of this note after i finished writing it. still waiting for a reply. sigh... guess i shouldn't have messaged. i did act desperate.

P.P.S the P.S. was just an attempt to end this article well. i guess i succeeded.

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  1. I think the P.P.S. made it uncool again! Lol.