Sunday, November 1, 2009


i walk around at night in my new red reebok sweatshirt. it keeps me warm. i always wear the hood. it's still cold sometimes. but it's okay. i struggle with the 2 am cold. i cross my arms against my chest. trying to keep myself warm. this happens everyday.

then my college fest begins and so do nights which end at 6 am. all the while sitting or roaming around in the open. these nights are significantly colder than those 2 am nights cause we are 10 days farther into the winter now. i don't have the time to go back and get my red saviour.

so i try using the tried and tested technique of crossing my arms over my chest. wondering whether it'll help. it doesn't. i keep trying. then lost in conversation, i use my hands to make some emphatic statements and act like a fool. some time later, i realize that i need to set up camp again. but i don't feel the cold anymore. no sweatshirt!! still not cold!! wow!! i just gave in to the fact that its cold and out of my control, so the cold blended with the surroundings and it was no longer a major figure in my frame.

let go. accept. "samta mein raho" (stay in a state of equilibrium).

NOTE: this is a work to express philosophical thoughts, not anatomical sciences. any death occurring due to acts inspired by the article are not the author's responsibility.

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