Sunday, November 1, 2009

peace in death metal.

there is mayhem everywhere.. mosh pit.. growling.. the guitar rips..the pit grows.. crowd roars again, like a second volcanic eruption in an already erupting volcano.. the music is now a river of lava.. crossing everything in its path, changing it as it passes..

i sit.. in the darkness.. with my head in my t shirt.. the smell of my deodorant mixed with that of the newly forming sweat strangely seems alien.. the music is bursting in my ears.. but all i feel is peace. peace of mind. total and complete thoughtlessness. no worries. no maddening need to control. no need to reason. no need to know. no need to expect. no need to obey. no need to let go. no need to move on. no needs. no expectations. nothing. that's the way i would like to live my life. in a constant state of thoughtlessness. living only on the basis of instinct. living or surviving? i'm not really sure. nothingness is everything.

is that why people do drugs and consume alcohol? i guess. but that would be a state of absence of control. it's not the same thing. knowing you can snap out of it and regain your thoughts and emotions is what makes the whole experience so wonderful. knowing that you are in a trance in the real world. not in a parallel world where everything appears to be as u want it to be.

this is the first time in my life when i realize the power of music without the lyrics.
lyrics invoke thoughts. music sets u free. free to let ur mind wander or vanish... poof!!


  1. so beautifully put together...i guess most of us hae felt this but few have explained it so well.....

  2. love it.. it totally speaks to me