Tuesday, October 5, 2010

cowboys, space.

Yesterday I was watching Brokeback Mountain. It's one of those movies you keep for a time when you can watch it all at once, without any interruptions. Sadly, all the movies I watch are of that kind, hence I haven't been able to watch as many as I'd like.
Anyway, I was watching the movie. You know, the one with the gay cowboys, yeah, that one. And what caught my attention, other than the gay cowboys, was the skyline and the tranquility of the place where all the 'action' took place (the silence being broken occasionally by the squeals of the cowboy on all fours. This role was being played alternatively by the 'corrupted' Prince of Persia and a coke snorting, face painting clown).
Watching the movie, I felt a lump rising in my throat, (one reason was that the most masculine form of man, the cowboy, was going at it with another cowboy. A cowboy for Pete's sake!), the hustle bustle of everyday life had left too many emotions to dead with in a hostel room, I wanted some isolation. Some peace. A river, mountains around me, not a soul in sight. I want that.
I'm one of those people who needs his own space from time to time. If I don't get that space for a year, I would crack. In spite of all the space they had, I wonder at made those cowboys need someone's crack.
They both had hot wives, the Prince of Persia obviously had the hotter, sluttier wife, while Mr. I Snort Too Much Coke had a nice country girl in a small room. The problem was that they got these wives of theirs after their workouts on the mountain. I guess we all need some practice before we can do it right. Maybe the cowboys were just trying to get some practice. Yeah, it's that for sure. Cowboys aren't gay, are they mommy?
This is too much for me to process, I need some space. Some air. Funny I can't find anywhere to go in a bloody dessert.
Whatever it is, cowboys aren't gay. If they are, the only symbol of manliness had been corrupted. At least I have Toy Story. Oh wait,Woody's a cowboy and Buzz Lightyear is a... what did they call him? Astronaut - na, space warrior -na, space hero - na, I guess it was... space-cowboy.




  1. Cowboys are simply cattle herders. It's hard to see what's so "manly" about them. Little boys don't think, "When I grow up, I want to be surrounded by cows and horses all day and receive very little pay for my hours of work."

    Anyway, those fictional cowboys needed "someone's crack" because they were bisexual or more probably gay and were unhappily married; they were in love albeit also in a sort of denial.

    Your barely-hidden homophobia is greatly distracting from anything else you're trying to say with this post.

  2. Lighten up man, it's a satire. Ever heard of one of those? They're fun, till someone comes and talks like a complete cynic. (I mean you, if you don't get it, which I'm sure you don't)

    I'm not being an ass. Just being me, though I never said the two are mutually exclusive ;)