Friday, January 15, 2010

true story.

once upon a time there was a boy. he was 6 feet tall and considered himself a man. however, to the world, he was still a boy who had his habits. some good, some bad. one day, in the freezing cold, he decided that he needs to change. maybe it was the cold that gave him the crazy idea, maybe not. we'll never know. fuelled by his recent phase of unparalleled happiness, he made the tough decision.

with determination in every step, he went to his friend and asked him to lend him something that his friend hadn't used in a long time just like so many others around him. but this man-boy wanted be different.

he went to his own place of residence, and gathered the stuff he needed.

he reaches his destination. along the way many people look at him in amazement. respect visible in their eyes. some whispered that he wouldn't make it. but he did. he didn't turn and run.

once there, he took his place, hung his belongings. then with his friend's possession in his right hand, along with his own in the left he walked to the provider.

his worst fear had come true. not warm.. not warm.. the words echo in his head like a scream that wakes one up from a nightmare. he can't think for a moment. but soon, with all his strength he forces his trained mind to accept the fact that there would be no warmth to make his task easier.

he walks back to his belongings, secures his surroundings. takes his clothes off. he hesitates a little. then takes in one last breath of air...

and pours a mug full of cold water on his head. his insides scream for some warmth. but he has a bath. dries himself up. and goes back to his room. clean and proud.

true story.