Wednesday, December 16, 2009

3 am.

its 3 am in the morning...

ya, thats from eminem's latest album, relapse. but the similarities between this post and eminem end here.

so, as i said, its 3 am in the morning. i'm sitting on the floor, with a pillow in my lap. just finished watching a movie that my sister got for herself. there are some snacks lying on the bed, right next to the laptop. this is the case everyday since i came back home from BITS Pilani( read: __|__ you).

well there was this exception when i slept at 6 am (it is safe to say things like this on the internet, cause my family doest use it too much). so, lets get back to today. today was a very unusual day, for many reasons. those i can point out in a half zombie-ish condition are:

1. my general cheerfulness

2. my abilty to haul my ass off the bed and actually go to MG road and get my watch fixed.

3. my ability to haul my ass a second time and get the modem adapter fixed (which btw, still doesn't work properly)

4. my ability to haul my ass a third time to the library and borrow four books (david copperfield - charles dickens, its not about the bike - lance armstrong and two books for mom)

5. the lack of excessive use of the internet

6. the lack of gtalk chatting

7. the discovery that i have lost 5 kgs since i left pune

8. the sudden usge to go and run and work out (i waited to let it pass, and it did after a surprisingly long time)

9. the suprising lack of weird activity. i was mostly a normal guy today.

10.the feeling of supreme confidence and calm that has eluded me for so long, finally flooded me.

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